From: The Desk of Tim Morris

Dear Friend,

This is not a “rags to riches” story.

This is a very different story that will most likely change the way you see Forex for the rest of your life.

I just have to share this with you...

You see, I know exactly what it’s like failing to get any sort of consistent profits from Forex. I’ve fought the same battles you’ve fought.

I know the pain you’ve gone through (and will continue to go through until something DRASTIC happens in your trading!). Believe it or not, but...

I’ve revenge traded... I’ve blown accounts... I’ve given up trading and sworn that I’d never open another broker account again (only to open yet another account a few weeks later)... and I’ve broken every trading rule there is!

Okay, maybe you’ve not made all the mistakes I’ve made ...perhaps you’ve made just a few of them. But it’s not your fault.

Even the top traders in the world, at some point, made the same “rookie” mistakes – it’s just part of the trading process. But there comes a time in your trading career when...


You tried a few systems made a few mistakes lost some money (and felt pretty crap about it too -- I understand. I’ve been there).

But enough is enough. It’s time you stepped-up your trading game and started taking your trading seriously. I mean really seriously.

My name is Tim Morris and I’m a “hacker”. Not a computer hacker ...I’m talking about hacking indicators.

Because most so-called traders haven’t got a clue! ...they just slap indicator after indicator on a chart, cross their fingers, and pray that something works. I’d like to politely say...

Here’s the thing -- these “fakers” can tell you things like:

"if the RSI crosses the zero line this…”


“if the main Stochastic crosses the signal stochastic…  do that...”

But the kicker is...

These guys don’t understand what the indicators actually do. I’m serious. They slap indicators on their charts like they slap on sun-tan lotion! It’s ridiculous.


If you don’t understand something -- then you shouldn’t be using it. I know that sounds harsh – but hear me out...

Every indicator was created, mathematically for a specific purpose by traders (by both amateur, rolled-up-sleeves-and-dirty-hands kinda guys ...right up to PhD educated “whizzkids”).

What does this mean for you? Well, there’s some bad news ...and some good news (VERY good news in fact!). The bad news is: you need to know how an indicator works before you can use it to squeeze money from the markets.

The good news...

I’ve done the “hard-yards” for you. I’ve been through hell figuring out how indicators work. I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours testing, tweaking and hacking “standard” indicators.

The result? Through real-time, sleeves-rolled-up testing (that means putting MY OWN MONEY on the line!) ...I’ve been able to filter out the indicators that will blow your account ...and discover the indicators that work like gangbusters to absolutely slingshot your trading profits. Basically...



Here’s what this is all about:

Through my extensive, real-time, real-money-on-the-line testing and trading... there was one particular “hack” that kept working for me over ...and over ...and over.

I’ll reveal this particular “hack” to you in just a minute.

But first – you must understand this: What I’m about to reveal to you is for your eyes only. I cannot be exactly sure how you got to this particular page – but it was most likely through an email link from an exclusive list you are on.

Do not share the link to this page with anyone. I want to help a small group of deserving traders -- and that’s it. This page will get pulled down soon (if I don’t do this, there is a very strong likelihood what you’re about to read will be on every Forex traders lips in a matter of days!).


I keep pinching myself right now – I really can’t believe I’m sharing this with you. But I have to - I just can’t stand seeing another trader struggle to make money when’s really so simple and easy I feel like screaming it from the rooftops!

I’ve taken one of the most popular trading indicators (you would know it if I told you!) ...and pushed it to the absolute limits of what it can do!

I’ve transformed this typically boring (and usually ineffective) indicator into...


This indicator has been turned inside-out and upside down... I’ve put it through every combination of settings you can imagine ...until it begged for mercy!

Not only that...

But through further, intensive *LIVE* testing I found what I can only describe as the “perfect” trading method.

I’m as serious as a heart-attack!

Look – an indicator on its own is not much use (no matter how pin-point accurate it is!) MUST be built into a rock-solid, tried-and-tested complete trading method. The great news for you is...


Like I said – I can’t stand to see traders struggling when it’s really not that hard.

Here’s what I’ve done for you...

I’ve taken my incredible indicator “hack” -- as well as the complete method built around it -- and put it together into a simple, step-by-step system. I’ve called my system: FX Pip Sniper

FX Pip Sniper is the result of thousands of hours of real-time hacking and testing and trading. I am firmly convinced that no system has ever been put through the kind of hell I’ve put this one through!

It’s the shear amount of real-money (my money) testing and intensive trading I’ve don’t that gives me 100%, unshakable and bullet-proof confidence in FX Pip Sniper.

I’m making this available only right now (and can’t guarantee that it will be available in the next few hours ...never mind tomorrow!).

If you’re already convinced – then scroll down to the bottom of this page right now and “lock in” your copy by clicking the order link.

If you’re still not convinced – I understand (I’d be sceptical too after all the garbage I’ve seen other so called “traders” offering!).


bullet Instant download ('re going to be trading this system in just a few minutes from now - no frustrated weeks of waiting for the mail to arrive!)
bullet Know in advance when a trade is will appear (...I've designed this system so you don't have to sit in front of the screen all day - you'll "see" the moves well before that happen!)
bullet Multiple take-profit strategies (...I provide you with complete, “done-for-you” take-profit methods – so all you have to do is choose whether you want a fast, quick profit ...or a bigger, “meatier” profit!)
bullet Super-tight, “no-brainer” stoplosses ( don’t even have to think about the trade once it’s been placed – the simple system rules do everything for you!)
bullet No big draw-downs (...the rock-solid, tried-and-tested rules keep your capital safe and secure!)
bullet No psychological “swings” (...the simple, 1-2-3 rules ensure you never make a trading decisions again!)
bullet Just 3 Simple steps to enter and exit a trade ( complicated rules to follow – if you can click a mouse button ...then you can trade this system!)
bullet Comes with Metatrader4 template ( don’t even need to setup your charts – I’ve done that for you by providing my personal Metatrader4™ template!)
bullet Trade any pair ( have complete freedom in choosing what pairs you want to trade because this system is based on rock-solid, fundamental market principles that work!)
bullet Trade any timeframe (...if you’re still holding down that “day-job”, then choose the timeframe that works for you and start pulling in the pips in your spare time!)
bullet Use any broker (’re not “locked-in” to specific brokers or trading platforms – you have absolute freedom in choosing who you want to trade with!)
bullet Keeps you out of “choppy” market times (...the advanced trade-filtering techniques help ensure that you only take the most high-probability trades!)
bullet Demo before going live (...make sure the system does exactly what I say it does before putting your own hard-earned cash on the line – you’ll have 100% confidence before risking a single penny!)
bullet If you’re already making money (...this system can boost your profits and take your trading account to the “next level” if you’re ready for it!)
bullet Jump on massive, screaming, white-knuckle momentum trades (’s the never-before-seen, “hacked” part of this system that’s going to give you hold-on-for-your-life super-trades that will leave you breathless!)
bullet “Done For You” take-profit levels (...not only do I tell you where to get and where to put your stoploss – but the take-profit is managed for you as well!)
bullet Future-proof methods (...these methods have worked for years – and will continue to work for years – because they are based on market principles that simply can’t change!)
bullet Easy, repeatable trade setups (...I’ve designed the system so that all you have to do is rinse-and-repeat ...and repeat ...and repeat ...and the profit takes care of itself!
bullet Stop getting killed picking “tops and bottoms” (...stick to the high-momentum, fast-as-hell, quick-and-easy moves that this system picks out for you!)

If I’ve not convinced you by now...

It’s most likely because you’re waiting for me to drop the bombshell of what it’s gonna cost you to get access to this exclusive system.

I’ll make no bones about it - this is an easy $300 system for sure. Even at that price you’re getting a bargain.

But I’m not out to take your money – my aim is to help you - but, as I’m sure you can appreciate, I can’t just give my system away (it would be all over the internet ...and most likely have gone “viral” in the Forex community within just a few hours!). It’s a risk I just can’t take.

So, here’s the deal...

I’m going to give you my entire system for a small “access fee”. This access fee does three things:

Firstly... it keeps out all the “free-loaders” and “tyre-kickers”.

Secondly... it tells me that you are serious about your trading and ready to finally start making consistent returns. And..

Thirdly... it allows me to provide you with personal support should you need it.

To secure your personal copy of FX Pip Sniper for the simple, one-off access fee of just $39 – scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the order now link right now!

Forex Pip Sniper System


2020 NEW Updates! (Worth $497)

How About An Incredible FXPipSniper 2.0 FREE Upgrade?

With The Powerful Indicator That Give You A Signal On When To Enter And Exist The Market!

Look. We wouldn't be doing this, but we know how powerful these additional materials can be in your hands now that you're a user of our FX Pip Sniper 2.0.

For example, this upgrade package will really give you the cutting edge. This FX Pip Sniper 2.0 will help you to profit from high possibility of winning trade!

We can assure you - there will NOT be a lower price on the next page. This is it... you can take it or leave it.

It's as simple as that.

Alright, Let us tell you more about this package about..

FX Pip Sniper 2.0
Here's a sneak preview of the upgraded FX Pip Sniper 2.0. This screenshot shows how the FX Pip Sniper 2.0 works.

This FX Pip Sniper 2.0 will ensure you to have a better guide and indication on when to Enter a Trade and where to Exist the Trade.

Just to make it simple and easy..

The original Fx Pip Sniper strategy will shown the manual trade of using MA and MACD Indicators on when to enter a trade and squeeze the last pip from the market. The new upgraded FX Pip Sniper 2.0 which have the Red and Green Arrows in the Chart.

And it also come with the Pop-Up Signals on when to exist the trade.

Here's how it works:

Red Arrow

- If the blue line touched red line, the Red Arrow will show up to indicate the changing of trend. Once blue line crossed the red line, a Pop-Up will alert you the Down trend has been form.

Green Arrow

- If the red line touched blue line, the Green Arrow will show up to indicate the changing of trend. Once red line crossed the blue line, a Pop-Up will alert you the Up trend has been form.The Arrows signal does not indicated on "How" and "When" the next signal will be out but the Forex Prowler Extreme System will allow you stand-by for the next signal.

Example: 1

Example: 2

Example: 3

Example: 4

With this FX Pip Sniper 2.0, you are can enter and exist a trade with 90% of accuracy. It's like a rifle with a double scope!

We hope you can see that this FX Pip Sniper in this upgrade package will help you MAXIMIZE your profits in the forex market.

Do not come asking us for this offer later. Not even later today. I'm sorry, but there will be no exceptions to this rule.

This offer will never be made again; not even to our paid customers.

After you order below, your download page will contain the FX Pip Sniper PLUS the component included in this special Upgrade Package. You will have access to download all of it immediately.


Forex Pip Sniper System

Give my system a try by going through it at your own pace.

I know you’re not making the money you want ...because if you were then you’d not be reading this page right now!


When I told you earlier this page is only going to be up for so long – I was deadly serious about that. In fact, it’s a risk even hitting the ‘Refresh’ button on your browser – you might just be greeted with a blank-white page!

I’m serious here my friend. This is not the time for wimpy, I’ll-do-it-later type decision-making. It’s crunch time. You’re either ready to join us – or you’re on your own.

I really have done all I can to help you. What you need to do is click the secure order link below RIGHT NOW:

Click here to secure your copy for the small, one-time “access fee” of just $39.

Remember – you’re unlikely to see this page again even if you consider “coming back later” – when it’s gone it really has gone!

I’ve done my best – it’s now up to you.


I'm aware FX Pip Sniper 2.0™ is limited at the super-low, introductory price of just $39!

I'm also aware I’m getting immediate access to Tim FX Pip Sniper 2.0™

I agree to NEVER disclose the "insider" Forex secrets I'm about to learn in FX Pip Sniper 2.0™, including not to reproduce your methods, strategies and tricks in any way whatsoever.

I understand this material is heavily copyrighted and infringement is punishable to the fullest extent of the law — and can carry some serious consequences.

Please Give Me Access TODAY!

Forex Pip Sniper System

>>> Click Here To Order RIGHT NOW! <<<

Remember... I can only guarantee this incredibly low price of $39 for the next 48 hours.

We reserve the right to stop selling the FX Pip Sniper 2.0™ system at any time. Due to the fact the information disclosed is so valuable - this will NOT be available forever.

To your trading profits,

Alex Morris

Tim Morris

P.S. – Remember... you will be taken to your custom download page immediately after payment -- so you will be trading this system just minutes from now!

P.P.S – Don’t forget... I will be removing this page soon -- so right now could very well be the last chance you ever get to get access to this system! here to “lock in” your copy right now for just $39!

Forex Pip Sniper System

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